Grand Caravan C208B



Profile Grand Caravan C208B
Seating 13 Passengers
Crew 1-2
Restrooms No
Engines Pratt & Whitney PT6A Single Turbo Prop
Pressurised No
Cruising Speed 160 knots/280km per hour
Range 900nm
Air Conditioned Yes
Landing Capabilities Short/remote airstrips
Weather All weather – Colour Radar Equipped
Fittings 4 Compartment Cargo Pods
  Freight Tie Down Points
  Baggage Nets
  Cargo Doors – opening size 1,250mm x 1,250mm
  Cabin length up to six (6) metres internally
  Door Off Supplement
  Wind Deflector
Equipment Garmin GNS 530 NAV Com/GPS
  TAWS B Plus Terrain Avoidance Equipment
  Radar Altimeters
  Colour Weather Radars
  Onboard Engine Trend Monitoring Computers
Payloads Up to 1,400kg of freight