Freight Charter

Seair Pacific Freight Consignment Projects:

At Seair Pacific, we not only cater to private air charter services, we also have extensive Air Freight experience in a variety of cargo consignment projects.  We can carry over 1 tonne on certain sectors. Our aircraft are suitable for: 

  • Documents and parcels
  • Large equipment 
  • 1,250mm x 1,250mm pallets
  • Critical products such as medical supplies or emergency goods
  • Machinery equipment/parts

Some cargo that has previously been carried:

  • Six (6) metre Kayaks
  • 800kg engines on pallets and once carried a 1,100kg (1.1 tonnes) hydraulic ram for a Hitachi excavator.
  • Animal cargo – Bull in specially designed box. 
  • Animal transportation for SeaWorld; including dolphins/dugongs/turtles/sharks/penguins

Aircraft options:

Below are the aircraft available for charter:

No.AircraftMaximum Weights
3Cessna Grand Caravan C208B1400 kg
2 Cessna Caravan C208A1250 kg
1Beechcraft Super Kingair1000 kg
2Britten Norman BN2 Islander750 kg
1Cessna Centurion 210450 kg
1Cessna Amphibious Caravan C208750kg