Amphibious Caravans

Short body caravans can be converted to Amphibious Craft. They are fitted with our own set of Amphibious Floats. The change over period can be accomplished in one day.

Profile Short Body Caravans C208A
Seating 9 Pax
Crew 1-2
Restrooms No
Engines Pratt & Whitney PT6A Single Turbo Prop
Pressurised No
Cruising Speed 140 knots/260km per hour
Range 800nm
Air Conditioned Yes
Landing Capabilities Amphibious landings
                          IFR/VFR Yes
Weather All Weather Colour Radar Equipped
Fittings Amphibious Floats
  Freight Tie Down Points
  1 metre shorter than the Grand Caravans
  Baggage Nets
  Cargo Doors – opening size 1,250mm x 1,250mm
  Cabin length up to five (5) metres internally
  Door Off Supplement
  Wind Deflector
  Equipped for Amphibious Floats – land/water
Equipment Garmin GNS 530 NAV Com/GPS
  TAWS B Plus Terrain Avoidance Equipment
  Radar Altimeters
  Colour Weather Radars
  Onboard Engine Trend Monitoring Computers
Payloads Up to 750kg